A downloadable game for Windows

Just another battleship game BUT with a good KI.

Have fun.

Install instructions

This was actually made for an german competition called "Jugend forscht" the idea was to find the best stategy for battleships and to implement it. It was done in the 7th grade.

After starting you can just RET in the console so no debugging password will be selected.

The you must enter x and y coordinates of: 2 ships of the length 2
                                                                      "     "       "    "      "      3
                                                                      "     "       "    "      "      4

The ships only can be placed with 1 block to any other ship.

When you like to change anything feel free to do it only thing you need is SmallBasic.

Have Fun.

PS: debugging pswd: 97[22][12]


battleships.exe 3 MB